Urdu Books

Easy Intentions! Turn your time into gold and earn great rewards by remembering good intentions related to daily actions. (493 KB .pdf)

Mountains of good deeds in a few minutes! This life is a one-time opportunity to achieve everlasting happiness in the life hereafter. Allah Almighty is showering countless blessings upon us everyday. Every moment has a great potential to achieve high-ranks in the court of our Creator. Keep this great collection of authentic ways to remember Allah in every spare moment in your day.Download (2.5 MB .pdf)

A beautiful treasure for true seekers of knowledge- an extract of teachings from the Noble Qur'an and Hadith, provides an answer to “what do I need to do to acquire love of almighty Allah?” These great books have been compiled by Shaykh Muhammad Hakeem Akhtar, one of the greatest scholars of Islam living today, who is reviving Islah-e-Nafs (self correction) and Tazkia (purification of soul) in the light of Qur'an and Hadith while staying clear of all kinds of Bidda’hs (innovations in the religion).

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