About us

We’re a group of volunteers (web designers, editors, translators and reviewers) who understand that there is a need in the following areas and help compile contents in these areas under the supervision of Islamic scholars:

  • Present Islamic information in an easy and organized framework 
  • Focus on essential teachings of Islam, good deeds for everyday life
  • For New Muslims: elementary teachings of Islam, flyers for learning 
  • For Imams, teachers and chaplains: Quick reference and pocket books
  • Sisters forum to ask a question to a sister scholar of Islam
  • Free downloads of summarized books on learning Islam
  • Lectures (in English and Urdu) on Islamic way of life

If you have any questions or would like to help, please contact us.

The list of Islamic scholars who may review the content at this site includes:

  • Shaykh Ahmed Abdul Mujeeb, WA, USA
  • Shaykh Mushtaq Ahmed, VA, USA
  • Shaykh Abdul Wahab Khan, CA, USA
  • Shaykh Muhammad Khokhar, NY, USA
  • Mufti Adam Koya, Canada
    and others.

The panel of Spanish presentations, contributors and reviewers includes:

  • Hafiz Sajid Samrodia
  • Dr. A. Hye

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